3 November 2008


Cheney gives the kiss of death to the McCain team. In more rational quarters, Kunstler gives a sort of endorsement to Obama:

I reject the label "gloom-and-doomer" where these difficult transitions are concerned. There's a lot about the way we live now that is disgusting, degrading, demoralizing, and socially toxic -- from our suicidal diet of processed fat, salt, and corn syrup byproducts to the spiritually punishing everyday realm of the highway strip to the fantastic loneliness and alienation of a people made hostage to a TV-consumer nexus of corporate colonialism. Were done with that. We just don't know it yet. Mr. Obama may not know it, either, but he is a trustworthy soul to hold our hands as we enter this unknown territory.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

I'm getting up at 5 a.m. tomorrow to be in line early and at the front of the line to vote. Then I'm spending the rest of my day volunteering for the Democrats to give people rides to the polls. Happy Voting!

Karlo said...

Let's keep our fingers crossed!