8 November 2008

Research on the political blogosphere

I was looking at some recent academic research on blogs and found the following factoids:
  • Walsten (2005): A-list blogs tend to stick more closely to mainstream media coverage.
  • Graf (2006): Bloggers, as a group, tend to despise the mainstream media, tend to be male, and are generally further on the extreme ends of the political spectrum.
  • Drezner and Farrell (2004): Bloggers, in some cases, can construct or focus public discourse in significant ways. (For a more pessimistic view, look at this 2004 article in Mother Jones.) However, most bloggers have relatively little influence due to the way that the web manages traffic.
  • Burbules (2008): Blog literacy should be taught along with other types of media literacy.
  • For those who are really interested in the topic, there's a 2007 thesis on political blogging by Sharon Meraz.

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Comrade Kevin said...

I kind of enjoy not having strict lines to define the so-called "rules". Most people pick them up instinctively and the ones that don't never get many hits to begin with anyway.