16 October 2008

Wednesday's debate

Watching the debate last night, I have to echo Pissed on Politics lament that this is "an hour and a half of my life I will never get back." I'd also agree wholeheartedly that McCain is getting scarier with all his oblique references to trickle-down economics: I think we've been pissed on enough at this point.

McCain's claim that he supposedly knows so much about fighting in the hills of Afghanistan and surging through Iraqi cities because he's "been there" got very old. Are we really supposed to believe that someone who flies into some place for a photo op and a 30-minute PowerPoint briefing by the general's staff is suddenly an expert? My guess is that the soldiers and mercenaries working in these places detest doing all the extra guard duty and security detail just so some candidate can march around getting pictures in front of market stands and military mess halls.

There's a lot of concern right now about a newly manufactured crisis appearing. Pissed on Politics voices this uneasiness:

I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I don’t know what it will be but I think it will come. A video from Bin Laden? Another preemptive war? A terrorist attack? A natural disaster used as a proxy to suspend the election and declare martial law? I feel something is going to happen but I still hold out hope that Obama can win.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

I don't think I could bear the other shoe dropping. I have suffered enough over the last 8 years. Time for change.

wunelle said...

I remember Paul Krugman (now Nobel Laureate!) saying a couple years ago, ominously, that this group of Repubs would stop at nothing to stay in power.

I hope they are feeling too beaten and repudiated to deal such a death blow to our beloved country as to suspend or delay the election.

Karlo said...

At this point, they'll taken so much money out of the economy to enrich their friends that I have to wonder about what the point of staying in power is.