22 October 2008

The scientific vote

Sixty-one Nobel Laureates have recently signed a declaration supporting Obama. The Palin/McCain camp, on the other hand, continue to benefit from the overwhelming support of scientists who believe the earth is 3000 years old.

There still isn't any scientific consensus about what happened to dinosaurs around 4 B.C.

Of course, one scientific theory holds that dinosaurs persisted until around 30 A.D., their demise coming from the shock of seeing a humanoid creature walking across the water.


Vancouver Voyeur said...

Too funny. Ranks right up there with CK's comic the other day about antibiotics. Thanks for the laugh.

ddjango said...

FYI . . .

I quoted you today in my latest Black Hole Meditation as the last meditation of the group.

Hey - please send me your email address. We have to stop meeting this way. Don't worry, I send very few emails to my fellows.

Be at . . . . ah, you know.

Tom Harper said...

It was either the sight of Jesus walking on water, or the sight of Him being crucified. When the dinosaurs saw him nailed to a cross, they thought "Jesus, this new species is brutal! We might as well just check out now."