2 October 2008


McCain says he wants to freeze all spending EXCEPT military spending. It gives me great comfort to see that we're following the footsteps of great democracies such as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The DPRK, after all, had a larger economy than South Korea in 1972, and now, after decades of pouring all their income into their military . . . they've got a big military. I think this should be the sole focus of the U.S.--to have a larger military than the rest of the world combined and muliplied by a factor of two. Or maybe a factor of three. . . . or four. Then I'd feel safe. . . . Or mabye five. What's that you say? What about infrastructure? Education? Who needs roads when we can be carted around in B52s? Who needs an education when we live in a kleptocracy?


wunelle said...

His budget-freeze comment has the same credibility as his claim of being an agent of "change." Ha!

Freezing all spending except for military spending (a freeze does not mean a cut off; why is this year's military budget not enough?) is like saying you're going to throw out all the lobbyists except for those representing business and other interests.

Karlo said...

Can you imagine taking our entire military budget and investing the same amount of money in re-training? We could take an entire generation of high school grads destined for McDonalds and retrain them for the jobs of the next century.