20 October 2008

Peak coffee

I could handle peak oil (as I held out naive hopes that it would produce some eco-utopia). But peak coffee? Y'all don't want to see me when I'm going through caffeine withdrawals.


libhom said...

I guess I'm lucky my acid stomach won't let me drink coffee. If the world ever got to peak chocolate, I might have to start a war to control the world's supply.

He who controls the spice, controls the universe.

Anonymous said...

As of now, people are wasteful with their coffee. But as it gets more expensive post peak, people might actually finish their cup. But as Arabica gets too expensive, watch the fun. Fortunately, I hate the taste of coffee, so I'm personally immune.

Arabica is the "good" stuff, yet everyone doctors up their coffee in a manner analogous to alcohol and mixed drinks. The Robusta is virtually undrinkable. Robusta is only good for extracting caffeine from - to freebase into "crack caffeine". Is waking up to a crack pipe, crystal of crack caffeine, and a lighter the future?

Karlo said...

It sounds like you know much more about coffee than I do. I now understand why there's a coffee shop near my work called Arabica.