27 October 2008

Parry on Powell's Obama endorsement

Parry gets this right:

Not only did Powell lend his personal credibility to Bush at key moments – from the Florida recount battle to the Iraq War to Election 2004 – but a serious examination of his career would reveal a person who consistently has put his career ahead of his country’s best interests. For that matter, why should Americans tune in to watch NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw interviewing Powell on “Meet the Press”? Brokaw is the news media’s version of a Colin Powell, never putting his career in harm’s way to alert the public about grave dangers ahead.

We on the left need to be principled. A lying jack-ass doesn't deserve a pat on the ass just because he occasionally happens to gallop off in the right direction. Powell has made a career as a front-man for shady operations, a career in which he sided with the wrong people--people that he chose of his own free will. This notion that he was Bush's moral compass is ludicrous. Nobody gets hired into the Shrub administration unless they've check the box on the application form that says immoral slimeball.


wunelle said...

I don't know much about Powell. His endorsement of Obama is salient to me because it represents a further defection of the stalwart Right. This kind of defection used to never happen in W's White House, but we see it more and more as his star continues to fade.

And it's a defection from McCain, which reinforces everything the center-left are feeling about the morass our country is currently in.

I agree with your point; but I still welcome Powell's defection.

libhom said...

I don't trust Powell either.

One thing I think people are missing is that this appears to be payback for the Bush regime's racist treatment of Powell.

Karlo said...

From a tactical standpoint, I'm happy for the defection. As the old philopher's conundrum goes, it's hard to call the Cretan a liar if he says that all Cretan's are liars.