7 October 2008

Our leaders, shining like the sun . . .

One thing that impresses me about the Shrub administration and it's wannabe underlings is the way that they bring the country forward, following the sterling example of such successful democracies as the DPRK. We've been faithfully following North Korea's example, for example, as we take great leaps forward toward an economy completely devoted to military expenditure (the only thing McCain doesn't want to freeze) and now we're approaching the day when subjective measures of loyalty and devotion to the fatherland can be objectively measured by a flag pin.

I can't wait until we're all issued our pins to wear so that we one and all can be true-blue patriotic (although some will still be patrioticker than others). Of course, there's a nasty rumor that Sarah's pin was missing several stripes, a clear indication of less than complete unswerving devotion to the fatherland.

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