12 October 2008

Need special order of thought-screen helmuts

I've got only two things to say to all the hoppin' mad McCainites that need a remedy for what's ailin' and palin' them. They need to make themselves a thought-screen helmet (if it works against advanced aliens, it should be able to stop the Shrubian thought-control ray in its tracks). They should also promptly buy a Guardian machine and an aqua-chi footbath (recommended by no other than their arch-conservative friend Alan Stang):

This is the place to find information about the remarkable frequency technology—including pictures of the frequency instruments—I write about in Electronic Medicine, along with the testimony of people who report what it has done for them. There are before and after pictures of Cindy, the horse who had a tumor so big it blinded one eye. Cindy had no medical treatment but used the Guardian and soon returned to normal. There is a discussion of the Aqua-Chi footbath, which we recommend, because many people say it has helped them detoxify.
There you've got it, straight from the horse's mouth.


ddjango said...

Oh, these poor, poor, babies! I feel so sowwy for their bwessed wittle bwains.

I feel so guiwty! I should just behave my sociwist self!!!

Somebody needs to assure them that a whole bunch of us commies don't think a whole lot of Obama our own selves and would probably wring Nasty Nancy's neck if we had a good chance.

If it will help, I'll donate to an airlift of a few tons of Xanax to anywhere in Idaho they want.

How many bowls of stupid do these people eat for breakfast?!

Karlo said...

According to Alan Stang, even Bush is a commie and it all started here in the U.S. with Lincoln (who evidently got an advanced copy of Das Kapital). These guys get so nutty that I can't help but be impressed that they can take each other seriously. I'm consigned to the fact that we'll have 20%-30% of the population who will vote for anyone who promises to bomb somebody. (Maybe this explains some of the crocodile tears shed over McCain's demise.)

Comrade Kevin said...

Yes, new age gadgets that don't work for McCain supporters!