2 October 2008

Chris over as Dashiell has a sober assessment of recent Republicon shenanigans:

[Excerpt] The Republican Party does not really care about governing. And it doesn’t care about issues or ideas, except insofar as they facilitate corporate profits. Everything is about hidden messages, code words, imagery, personality, in short—electoral hypnotism. Previous cynical Repug candidates chose Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle to be a “heartbeat away.” Those guys may have had a little more “experience” than Sarah Palin, but weren’t any more thoughtful, or competent. The fact is that the Repugs proved with George W. Bush that they could install an empty suit in the White House and still run things—sort of. “Yeah, they ran things into the ground,” you might say, but the rich cronies made lots of money, and that’s all that counts to these people. Their true motto is: “We don’t care.” Power is all that matters. That’s Karl Rove 101, and the man himself pronounced the Palin pick a stroke of genius. Confronted with the never-ending antics of insane wingnut freaks, the people who dominate the political discourse in the United States, I find myself most distressed at their pathetic Democratic enablers. Instead of an opposition party, what I saw displayed at the Democratic Party was the same old fantasy that somehow they could win by being nice and positive and reasonable. These people just don’t seem to learn.


wunelle said...

Thomas Frank talks at length about the same thing in his latest book.

It's all about money. The Repubs are the party of business, and there is no sense of scruple or of the greater good or of civic duty or of love of broader country or of anything except getting government out of the way of business making money.

The big guys make obscene amounts of money, the little guys are forced into a support role (to include bailing out the market when it turns down, to protect the amassed fortunes of business), and anything and everything that supports and promotes this worldview is "moral."

There are few enough of these super-wealthy that more support is needed. And luckily, there is a ready-made contingent of uneducated "values voters" who, so long as their pet topic is pandered to, will facilitate their own abasement. (This is why a distrust and contempt for liberal education is fomented.)

What a system.

Karlo said...

I've noticed this contempt when I've tried to have a conversation with conservatives on many conservative blogs. Statistics and hard facts are ignored, then denied, then laughed at. People with a 20-year-old high school education are somehow able to figure out things about global warming that metereologists who've spent their lifetime staring at computer models have never even considered. Life is just one big pissing contest. The funny thing is that these are some of the most exploited people in the country, cheering for their leaders as they're led off to the slaughter house.