16 September 2008

What's the sound of no hands clapping?

As the stock market hits the biggest downturn since 9/11, the housing market reduces American private wealth the greatest amount since the Great Depression, the government bail-outs reach the highest amount ever, and the cost of the 100-year war sky-rocket, what does it mean when McCain describes the U.S. economy as "fundamentally sound"? What does it take for the economy to be fundamentally "unsound"? Do we need to wait until people are in supermarket lines with wheelbarrows full of money? And this is the man who will lead the nation? Say it ain't so-o-o-o!


Javi2022 said...

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Karlo said...

Yes. Muchas gracias. I will also provide a link to your site, if that's okay. Your English is fine--much better than my kindergarten level Spanish!

Karlo said...

I've listed you under "foreign models." Thanks for visiting. Please come back!

CyberKitten said...

'Fundamentally sound'...?

What a maroon.......!

wunelle said...

"What a maroon.......!"

Yes, but not as much a maroon as all those who are lining up in support of him.

Over and over again I ask myself: what do people who are fearful of Obama think he could POSSIBLY do to degrade us from our present position? Run up a deficit to end all deficits? Alienate our allies and neighbors? Start a war? Degrade our country's standing in the world? Sorry, you've confused Obama for a Republican.

We should run as far and as fast from this train-wreck administration as we possibly can. Even the most cursory look at McCain's views shows him to be very closely allied with W, and his running mate--who will very likely find herself in the White House before the term would be up--is more W than W.

McC saying it isn't so is no effective rebuttal.

Karlo said...

It's true. We could hire an 8-year-old with an ouija board and do no worse than we've done during the last 8 years. On the other hand, Palin offers some advantages--sort of a George Bush with boobs and a Cheney with a better aim. She needs to work on her let-them-eat-cake sneer though if she's gonna fill those shoes.

VV said...

Unfortunately, I think stupid people who vote, outnumber intelligent people who vote. I can't believe the race is even this close. Even so, what was Obama thinking NOT choosing Hillary?! It seems like every election cycle when things are practically handed to the Democrats, we find some way to feck it up.

Karlo said...

Personally, I glad that Hillary didn't get a slot. The US political class is getting to be such an inbred clan of insiders. Bush being the ultimate insider. On the other hand, Hillary did make some good choices (apart from initial support for Shrub's War) in terms of her votes as a Senator and she was definitely sharp.