10 September 2008

Warpigs in lipstick

The McCain camp's latest outrage about Obama's supposedly "sexist" comment (using the pig with lipstick metaphor) makes one wonder how low they can go. McCain says it smears Palin. Since the comment occurred in a discussion of McCain and Bush, I fail to see how it's an anti-feminist remark. Johnny and George have evidently secretly undergone a sex-change but have failed to tell us about it. Who knows? Maybe we'll end up with the first trans-gendered president in a few months. Or maybe the metaphor smears pigs. Or perhaps it's offensive to transgendered pigs. Or maybe the McCain campaign's in dire need of another issue besides McCain's 100-year war. At any rate, the Republicons are once more showing their true colors and they ain't purdy. (This is all bad enough. We'll ignore the fact that McCain used the very same metaphor in a smear that did explicitly target a woman--Hillary.)


wunelle said...

More lies for ugly political expediency. It's like negative campaigning: everyone claims to hate it, but it works; them that smear the other side leave few options but to equalize displeasure by smearing back.

I always want to believe that a steely-eyed focus on issues (which legitimately include Palin's unsuitability for the job and McCain's frightening track record) will keep people's eyes on the ball.

And I'm always disappointed.

Comrade Kevin said...

Experience wasn't working, so then they abruptly shifted to copy the other guy's change motto.


BadTux said...

When pigs wear lipstick, Republicans will wear drag.

Or somethin'. Hey look, we're talking Republicans. It doesn't have to, like, make sense or anything. I mean, c'mon. We're talking about folks who've written whole books on how, like, Hitler was a liberal and liberals are traitors and all that. They don't have to make sense because they're Republicans.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

VV said...

Critical thinking or even looking back to previous comments made by both parties and heaven forbid, looking at the context of the comments is an alien concept to too many people today. Oh, and I didn't see any lipstick on the pig we roasted, now if it had been Pit Bull, well, then, you'd have me there. ;-)