13 September 2008

The Palin image, the Palin mindset

This election, being no different from the previous, will be largely decided by people's gut feeling about the personae of those running. Americans want to elect a king (or a queen) after all in their unconscious desire to be done with this burden of democracy once and for all. As a cultural image, Palin ads some interesting spice to the McCain ticket as both soccer mom and wild west cowboy (not of the cocaine sniffin' Yale variety). While she's certainly "authentic" in this respect, I think she represents a very reprehensible sort of Westerner. As someone who has probably hiked more of the West and done more "authentic" activities in the backcountry than most, I find her views toward the stewardship of land and resources to be both shallow and elitist.

Take the example of her support for the aerial killing of animals from planes. Personally, I find it disturbing that I could be out fishing or camping in some area and have some rich cat shooting down from above me. The idea that shooting animals from planes is a "sport" is ridiculous. If the goal is to kill as many wild animals as possible, why not hook up machine guns to the front of the plane and gun the animals down in an even more efficient manner.

The truth is, this is the sort of "sport" meant for the super rich who can't be bothered to walk more than a 100 yards after leaving their fancy Alaskan hotel. If we extrapolate from her positions on these local Alaskan issues, we can predict that Palin as president would be another Bush, doing all she can to look out for the people "who really matter."


VV said...

I was stunned by her willingness to "drill it all" when asked about energy. I don't think she appreciates the environment she governs, the interests of all her constituents, or has a good understanding of the impact on the environment from drilling or the fact that drilling the hell out of Alaska is not going to fix our energy problems.

P. E. Nolan said...

My son - who is almost 18 which means there is Selective Service registration in the near future - also does the wilderness thing. Thirty days on the trail, etc.

I had not considered that in addition to being able to shoot up his ass in Iraq/Iran and anywhere else Those People think we should send troops - they could be hailing bullets at my boy for kicks in Alaska.

Alarming indeed. Further - there is a nauseating similarity in the complete disregard for life shown by both hunting from the air and killing people in a war.

Then there is the librarian who SP fired for not banning books . . .
No wonder I smoke weed and send money to the Obama campaign and the Quakers.

Karlo said...

Yep. I can understand how she and her husband hooked up. Someone who's idea of manliness is holding the throttle of a snowmobile on high is perfect for someone who thinks animals should be chased by planes and then shot dead for the "sport" of it. I'm also surprised that people haven't brought up the fact that she was in a beauty contest. Such contests, which essentially reward women for the features they were born with and their appeal to men, are one of the most bone-headed institutions in our culture (along with boxing and other fighting sports). Why not choose a woman who never participated in that sort of garbage?

wunelle said...

She clearly doesn't remember the lesson from history when buffalo were brought to the brink of extinction by people shooting for "sport" from the rear platform of a moving train.

How could she know this history when she doesn't even know what the Bush Doctrine is?

She is as suited to being President as my dog (and as prospective VP to an elderly man of questionable health, we should be thinking of her in the Oval Office; god help us).