13 September 2008

The integrity-challenged

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the McCain smear campaign of outright lies will backfire. In the age of the Internet when it's relatively easy to check up on facts and read old transcripts, it's amazing that anyone would even try such nonsense. I was impressed watching Obama talking about Palin on 60 Minutes. He was extremely generous and above the fray . . . or should I say "presidential" . . . as he gave her several compliments. I personally don't think we should focus too much on character as this leads back into the days of monarchic rule when the king faced south and through his divine charisma made the crops to grow and the sheep to copulate, but for those who do want to base their vote solely on character, I don't see how they can vote for McCain.


Comrade Kevin said...

This is the year of identity politics and the GOP is gambling that you'll vote for their candidate based on how much they resemble who YOU are.

But we all know (or at least should know) that collective gain is far better than individual desire.

Karlo said...

I quite like this new Republican strategy of tossing a rock into a crowd and picking the person who holds their forehead and screams. Unfortunately, in this case, the rock smacked our ignorant neighbor who lives down the street with her 5 misbehaving kids and still holds views from the 13th century. Can't the Republicans toss another rock?