23 September 2008

I also have an empathy problem

La Popessa expresses a sentiment that seems to be pervasive once you step away from the Fox-inspired alternative reality. The Republicons have shown their true colors: they're perfectly willing to spend trillions (literally, trillions!) on the wealthiest class but scream about having to give anyone else a dime. I, like most of you, am deeply ANGERED at their complete disregard for the productive people who are losing their life savings to help someone buy an extra yacht.

From Make it Stop! Make it Stop!

Personally I think anyone who makes more than $100,000 a year is way overpaid. But I know I'm a minority here, and if someone can convince someone else to pay him or her many millions for doing ... well less work than someone who cleans offices during the week, then that's their problem. Except when they want to make it our problem. So Kudos to the Democrats for saying that in order to get their $700 billion bail out, Wall Street needs to agree to "meet appropriate standards for executive compensation." I mean really, just how much do the men and women who helped engineer (pushing the train metaphor a bit further) this problem think they should be paid for their stupidity, recklessness and greed?

At the very least these executives' paychecks should be garnished at a certain percentage, funds going to repay the people who have lost their retirement funds, or families trying to hold onto a home while paying mortgages for costs that are now higher than their home is worth. Of course Bush doesn't agree, saying that adding such pieces of accountability would "threaten small business owners and homeowners on Main Street." HELLO Mr. President - Where have you been? What is it that you really think is threatened now - Americans or your fundraising buddies on Wall Street? Don't tell me, Cliff and Amber are going to have to cut back on one of their Hampton houses now? The pain! The agony! How about a little less sympathy for the folks at the top of the hill during this avalanche, and a bit more for the folks down on the bottom who didn't have much to begin with and are now getting pummeled and beaten down to the ground.


Comrade Kevin said...

I agree. But trying to get people to not being greedy, covetous, and wasteful in their conduct is a tall order.

Like you I favor more economic equality but the other argument is that the mere existence of the wealthy gives an incentive for people not blessed with riches to strive to reach those financial heights. In reality, of course, few people strike it rich in a big way, but the possibility, albeit slight, is still there.

Karlo said...

Do people need to strive? I've worked one and a half jobs for years and have nothing to show for it. I'm getting tired of striving. I think it's some rich folks' turn to strive for a while.