12 September 2008

The electoral map

According to my own calculation of the electoral votes (giving Obama 273 to McCain's 265), the election could now go either way depending on how Ohio and Pennsylvania vote. If McCain fails to take both states or if the two candidates split the states and Obama takes Colorada, McCain will probably lose.

This is one election where the presidential debates could make a difference. I get the feeling that the White House is doing all it can to get out in front of the issues that Obama's been pushing. We're suddenly hearing about shifts in troop force to Afghanistan, a drawdown in troops, and a withdrawal deadline--moves that Bush and McCain have opposed.


Swanksalot said...

I really hope it isn't as close as the polls make it seem. I take comfort in the thought that many young voters only have cell-phones, and thus aren't included in any polls. Otherwise, I'm just in despair, if McCain is selected by 50 percent of the electorate, there is something really, really wrong with the intelligence of American voters.

Karlo said...

It is disconcerting that so many Americans would vote for someone who wants to EXPAND U.S. military involvement and continue the policies of Bush.