26 September 2008


In recent years, a number of bloggers have questioned my credentials on foreign affairs, claiming that my posts are subreptitous doggerel of the vilest variety. I would like to point out to all of these devious detractors that I, as one of the fundamentals of this great nation, have oodles of experience with foreign affairs as a former resident of both Washington and California--states that border foreign countries. While in such close proximity to the external boundaries of our great nation, I personally and directly encountered people who lived next to people who had spoken with people who had been to foreign countries. And by GOD, if the country had been attacked by those mendacious Mexicans or pestilential Canucks, I would have been standing there smack adab on the front line while all the rest of you were sippin' your frosties in your local Walmart. With all these years of experience with international politickin, you should all feel lucky that I just blog. I could be running the entire country some day if I can just get some senile old presidential candidate lady to pick me.


mister anchovy said...

You better guard against us Canucks carefully! In fact, maybe you should build the big wall along the Canadian border before you build the one on the Mexican border.

Karlo said...

We must always remain vigilent lest we be infiltrated with your radical ideas of free health care and bilingualism.