23 August 2008


How many houses McCain owns is an issue? We've truly become a tabloid nation. Who cares? We should be focusing on the issues of energy, world population growth, immigration pressures due to global warming, and Shrub's War. Most everything else is senseless fluff--even when it does criticize the candidate that I oppose.


ShortWoman said...

Most Americans can count the homes they own on their thumbs and have a spare, but that's not why this matters. The reason it matters -- the only reason -- is that it is another example of how he can't keep track of important things. How can we trust him to keep track of the business of this country when he can't keep track of his property, can't keep track of the fact that Czechoslovakia has not existed in some years, that the Sunnis and Shiites are different groups, can't so much as read the Lundberg report to find out how much a gallon of gas should cost? And none of these faults can reasonably be blamed on his years as a POW.

Karlo said...

Well, sure. He's an old man. Of course, most presidents don't really have that much to do with running the country so McCain can, like his predecessor Ronald Reagan, sit back and lipsinc the songs of his corporate sponsors. He's also a rich man (having married a woman for her wealth) so of course he can't keep track of what he owns. That's why rich people hire accountants. Still, I don't think there's anything particularly damning about this gaff.

Comrade Kevin said...

It's a big deal because the Obama people want it to be a good deal, but I really don't think it's got a tremendous amount of shelf-life or will get much traction.