31 July 2008

Pickens Plan

According to the Pickens Plan, building wind facilities in the corridor that stretches from the Texas panhandle to North Dakota could produce 20% of the electricity for the United States at a cost of $1 trillion with an additional $200 billion required to build the capacity to transmit that energy to cities and towns. Since we'll spend around 3 trillion in Iraq in support of the fight over who gets the privilege of selling us oil, 1.2 trillion sounds like a helluva bargain. I'm disappointed with Obama and McCain when it comes to energy policy. Neither has put forth any bold proposal that deals with the underlying problem. The Pickens Plan is actually a very modest step in the right direction. If we assume continued economic growth (perhaps not a sound assumption), 20% more electricity would merely meet the extra demands over the next decade. Even so, it would (as Pickens website says) have the added advantage of creating an economic boom and would produce some lasting infrastructure that would, in turn, encourage investment in the U.S.

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