29 July 2008

Picken's plan

Is Pickens' plan a physical possibility? It calls for investing in enough wind turbines to provide 20% of the nation's energy and reducing oil imports by a third in 10 years. (This would eliminate much of the need for foreign oil.) It seems to me that if such a plan were at all possible, it would be worth doing at almost any costs. Combined with conservation measures (enacted now so that they'd have an effect in 10 years), the plan would give us a giant window of time to plan long-term infrastructure changes. I only wonder if it's actually possible. And if it is, why aren't we doing it?


wunelle said...

In WI we have the option of specifying what percentage of our electricity be supplied from "renewable" sources (or perhaps "green" sources; I forget the terminology used). The cost per kw/h goes up accordingly.

Now I see huge wind farms going up, several of them just along my regular driving route down to KY, and I'd love to know what percentage of power come from these. I can't imagine it's more than 1 or 2%, but it's a start.

Comrade Kevin said...

In short, because maintaining the status quo doesn't involve risk, and few businesses are willing to invest in something that doesn't have a guaranteed return.