30 July 2008

Chinese government shows true face to the world

China's decision to reverse a pledge on allowing unfettered web access proved an embarrassment for the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which had repeatedly said foreign press would not face any Internet curbs in Beijing. It was also the latest in a long line of issues to have tarnished the run-up to the Olympics, which start on August 8, following controversies over pollution, human rights and terrorism threats.

It's not the IOC but rather the Chinese themselves who should be embarrassed to live under a government that spoonfeeds them information as if they were infants.


Martin Langeland said...

"who should be embarrassed to live under a government that spoonfeeds them information as if they were infants.'
And this morning's paper said?

You and I have less in common then China's and the US's administrations.
And we are on the same side.

Karlo said...

The U.S. populace doesn't get important news, but the problem in the U.S. isn't primarily the government's blocking of news and information (although that happens through the excessive classification of documents). I think the bigger problem is the pervasive influence of corporate news outlets that promote a simplistic view of world events. Most Americans have lost their ability to analyze events in a meaningful way. The units of any analysis should involve categories that are meaningful at some fundamental level--things like economic class, wealthy interests, corporate boards, labor unions (in the few places where they have real power), and so on. Categories such as "terrorists" and "we democracies" are demonstratably hollow.

P. E. Nolan said...

I can go on and on and on about the public's inability to think analytically because I firmly believe it is as intentional as filling Watts full of Heroin back in the day. As a Menopausal Stoner with two masters degrees in Education and twenty plus years working with preschoolers, I do declare that if most Americans were able to think analytically, they would question authority instead of following the prescribed path to poverty and a disenfranchisement that enriches the prison industrial complex while simultaneously eliminating the voting rights of whole populations. The majority of Americans gave up questioning authority as soon as Ronald Reagan sent White People back to the suburbs to shop.