11 June 2008

Media shut down because it's "embarrassing"

What's the lesson students are supposed to learn from this?

REDDING, Calif. - A high school principal in Redding, Calif., says there will be no student newspaper next year after its front page featured a photo of a burning American flag. Shasta High School Principal Milan Woollard says the latest issue of the student-run Volcano newspaper was embarrassing and that the paper is finished. The newspaper included an editorial supporting flag burning, in addition to the photograph of a student setting the flag ablaze.

I guess young Americans need to know from a young age that freedom of speech is reserved for those who have the "right" opinion (just as pretty much every other fundamental right can be taken away at the whim of authorities). Personally, I don't find the students' picture embarrassing in the least. I find patriotism and devotion to nation-states embarrassing. I think we need to close down all the student newspapers that put an unburnt flag on the cover.

Newspaper faculty adviser Judy Champagne says students added the editorial and photo at the last minute and that it was "bad journalism." Woollard says funds are tight and school officials had been considering eliminating the paper before it published the image.

Good grief! Quit waffling Judy. If you're going to fight for the dark side, at least stand up and wholeheartedly declare your allegiance. You're shutting down a newspaper because they added something "at the last minute." I'm sure that American media never adds anything at the last moment!

[I originally had a picture of a burning flag here, but I'm now getting a pop-up that says that the link isn't authorized by Yahoo. Please don't tell me that Yahoo is blocking pictures that it finds politically sensitive--although nothing surprises me anymore.]


CyberKitten said...

I'm old enough to remember the USA being the land of the free & the home of the brave.

Apparently no more.....

Sad really isn't it?

Athenawise said...

I knew the students couldn't trust a newspaper faculty adviser named Judy Champagne. Now, if her name were Judy SCOTCH, well, that's real journalism.

BadTux said...

Yes, our brave educational system is doing a really great job of educating our children. For example, many children believe that authority figures tell them the truth. But the students at El Camino High School, in Oceanside, California, learned a valuable lesson when administrators lied to them about other students dying. Now they know that authority figures lie. What a valuable lesson to learn!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Karlo said...

I remember being part of such an experiment at one point in my life (althought it didn't involve death). I didn't appreciate being placed in someone's drama unwittingly.

catherine said...

Let's have a moment of silence for freedom of the press, shall we?

LaPopessa said...

Well those kids certainly have learned an important lesson. Good to know before you get out into the cruel world that people do NOT like it when you tell them things they do not like to hear.

I wonder how many of the kids the school has turned into good and obedient Republicans now?

Karlo said...

Maybe they're out burning down Californian homes instead of flags.