28 May 2008

The Man From Earth

Last night, I watched The Man From Earth (2007). I was impressed with the low-budget film which consists entirely of a group of professors sitting around a sparse room as one of their colleagues claims to have been alive since the Stone Age. I've had some time recently and have wanted to go out and see a movie, but the offerings are not enticing. I wish more movies would take the approach that Richard Shenkman did in this movie--making something low budget without expensive actors so that it's possible to take risks and actually tell a good tale.

Among the numerous reviews, all positive, I came across the following by Gerald Martin:

Jerome Bixby's "The Man from Earth" stands proudly among the best science fiction films ever made. However, unlike "2001", "CE3K" and "Blade Runner," this little movie relies not on outstanding set design and mind-blowing visual effects, but rather on ideas; the very foundation of science fiction.I've been a fan of Mr. Bixby's ever since "Star Trek", and I must say this equals if not surpasses "Mirror, "Mirror". I agree that some of the acting was stilted, and the music partially drowned out dialogue in one scene, but my family and I were mesmerized throughout. As to my personal beliefs regarding God and faith; "Man from Earth" in no way offended me, but rather challenged me. Challenged me with historical facts (several of which I've since checked online, and thus far, all of which appear 100% accurate.) This is a chess game of a film, forcing the viewer not only to listen and to think, but to understand.

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