6 May 2008

I've been bounced!

I guess I should just give up. There's a large group of rightwing idiots petrified that someone will bring up uncomfortable facts. The Discerning Texan recently "bounced" me from his comments for being "a misinformed wacko" with the gall to mention the fact that the US wasn't going to drill itself out of its oil shortage.

Boing! That is the sound of a misinformed wacko being bounced from the comments...2 percent of the worlds RESERVES is one hell of a lot of oil, easily enough to drastically lower the price. (and I even question the 2% number when you include both coasts, Florida, Alaska, and the HUGE new field they just found in the Dakotas...)As for daily usage, the Chinese just passed us up as numero uno. But no wacko wants to say anything bad about their brothers in the struggle for world socialism....Statistics are like a*holes: everybody's got one. The oldest trick in the book is to throw out numbers that have absolutely nothing to do with one another, nor the poing being made....

The US has an 11 year supply of oil. If we stopped importing and drilled every inch and crevice of every oil field in the US, our supply would completely run dry in 2019. When placed on a graph, US reserves are so miniscule that the graph has to be stretched vertically for the US amount to be fully visible. The petroleum reserve, if we used every drop of it, gives us a whopping two months of gas.

It's strange. To my recollection, I've never cursed or engaged in ad hominem attacks on rightwing blogs, but I've been bounced or personally attacked numerous times. Swerve Left, on the other hand, has been going since January 2004 and I have yet to ban anyone from commenting. I even keep rightwinged blogs (those few that engage in rational debate) on my blogroll. This just goes to show how frightened some people are of actual debate. Mr. Discerning Texan can now go back to his fellow Fox News nimwits who think that oil prices are solely due to the fact that environmental fascist terrorists won't let Shrub drill in Alaska. The same people who think the earth is 10,000 years old, evolution is a commie plot, that the terrorists are planning to gas their rural Texan trailer, and that George Bush is a cowboy.


Karlo said...

As for world socialism, who's he kidding? The Chinese have a capitalist economy so unfettered that it would give poor Milton wet dreams.

wunelle said...

How does the Right find people to militantly oppose our search for alternative energy?! What is their incentive to stand up for our unfettered access to oil? How does a reasonable person conclude that there isn't a problem looming directly in our path, even when a far-flung discussion about solutions seems rational and healthy?

You are made of more durable materials than I am from the outset to even attempt to engage these guys in a debate. This has just been proven again and again to me to be an exercise in blood-pressure-raising futility.

I'm more and more convinced that their bluster is White Man's Rage, the frothing of guys who are pissed off that their ship never came in. But most of them were never more than hangers-on--white guys who expected the world to be laid at their feet because of their being white guys but who never contributed anything to earn the spoils.

I can't fix 'em.

Karlo said...

You're probably right. These people are convinved that they're entitled to most of the world's spoils and anyone who says otherwise is just another commie fascist mohommodan academic liberal godless feminist. My mistake for thinking that some of them might want to engage in a discussion--they just want a quiet corner of the internet where they meet quietly with the other flat-earthers, shake their heads, and enjoy the sound of the rattle.

Comrade Kevin said...

You just aren't going to be able to reach certain people. Their minds are as closed as their viewpoints.