27 May 2008

A few more holidays for the calendar

It's finally over. I don't get too excited on Memorial Day. In a country that celebrates the military every damn day of the year, all we need is another militant holiday. I know, this isn't very patriotic, but what did you expect? I don't even believe in countries or flags of any sort, after all. From a less idealic and more cynical point of view, what good is the military going to do me? We could fire the entire military tomorrow, close down our missile silos, and just keep a couple nuclear subs running and we'd have the power to destroy any country on the globe (and wipe out the remaining large mammals in the process). Of course, the conservative (and modern "liberals" for that matter) have bought into this idea that the Iraqi commandoes are going to hit our shores any second now with cans of mace and giant scissors set to kill. I guess I need to go rent an old copy of Red Dawn, smoke some of the new super weed, and giggle as I imagine the Soviet troops (who themselves were quite comic) speaking Iraqi accents. If we have to endure Veteran Day parades (with the Veterans for Peace contingent banned), can't we add a few holidays to the calendar, a DU Cancer Day, or a Clusterbomb Victims Days, or Exile Day, or a Frat Antic for War Profiteers Day (with all the hilarity of near drownings as the Halliburton execs get rescussitated).


CyberKitten said...

I remember 'Red Dawn' it was *very* funny.

You would imagine (at least I do) that a country with a military budget, the likes of which staggers the world, could cut back a *bit* on its spending.

Though apparently the US population is yet to feel 'safe' enough......

Karlo said...

I always have these picture of the fat conservatives gobbling greasy chicken and dunkin' doughnuts as they watch Fox News and worry if they're house in North Dakota is safe from the super duper Al Qaeda gas attack. Of course, they're all going to keel over from heart attacks any moment from all the junk food and worry, but at least it makes for a nice heroic narrative. --> Brave Americans stoically braced for the attack.