16 April 2008

Obama comment

I couldn't agree more with Ole Blue's take on the Obama comment:

Barack Obama claims he did not say it as well as I should have! The statement was basically “..some small-town Pennsylvanians are "bitter" people who "cling to guns and religion."Well damn, I think he hit the nail on the proverbial head and hit it just right. Since I am a white male, I am privy to the thoughts of many white males and they hide behind their guns and religion because they feel marginalized in this country.

The political establishment pounces on anyone who engages in the least bit of authentic analysis of the U.S. situation and starts talking about real causes and effects, whether it be economic class, history, or, in this case, the bitterness of poor whites (a bitterness that has been endlessly manipulated). I feel the same way: When I read this statement, it made me think that Obama might really be different, a cut above the fray.


Susannity said...

This has been interesting to discuss.

I agree with you - I am surprised by his candor and willingness to speak of things most consider too politically incorrect even though it has been studied and discussed in many circles, left and right.

wunelle said...

I agree. It seemed an honest statement, and an accurate assessment.

But I think any whiff of criticism of religion (even though the guy seems to love his jesus as much as the next person) makes one a target here. "Elitist" doesn't sound so bad to me.

Martin Langeland said...

Much As I agree with the sentiment, another aspect to it is that such comments are bound to be abused by the media.
Of course it is only a short while before a simple "Good morning" from Mr. Obama's lips will get the whole boiling in a greater tizzy and twirl then Al Gore's "earth tones" did.
So maybe the best outcome would be for the Democratic Pols to start talking to us rather than the Press. Of course they might have to hear a few home truths from one or two of us before they got started.

VV said...

I found it amusing that first, he actually revealed the elephant in the corner and second that everyone was so aghast that he dared do that.

BadTux said...

Talking about fnord simply isn't done in America. Fnord is like that third rail of politics -- talk about fnord, suddenly you have a shitload of people dumping on you calling you a fnordist and worse.

-- Badtux the Fnord Penguin

mister anchovy said...

It will be very interesting to see if America tolerates Mr. Obama's candor.