27 April 2008

It's going fast so let's use if faster!

This is an example of the "vision" we can expect from a McClone presidency:

The GOP nominee-in-waiting rapped his Democratic rival for opposing his idea to suspend the tax on fuel during the summer, a proposal that McCain believes will particularly help low-income people who usually have older cars that guzzle more gas.

We've reached (or will be reaching in the next few years) peak oil--a point after which homo sapiens (sic) will never again pull as much oil out of the ground. And McCain's solution is to reduce tax incentives so that people can use more fuel. Hmmm. What's wrong with this picture? If the well's running out of water, can we solve the problem by buying a bigger water tap? McCain, through some leap in logic, somehow connects this with helping the poor who supposedly all have big cars. (Is he referring to the poorer millionnaires who haven't upgraded their old Cadilacs?) How depleting a necessary resource at an ever faster rate (sending more American dollars overseas to wealthy Middle East oilocracies) helps the poor is lost on me. Rational argument evidently takes a leave of absence during the election cycle.


Comrade Kevin said...

Quick fixes will never accomplish much of anything--so too will empty promises.

Karlo said...

Unfortunately, no major candidate has provided much of a plan. At least Obama hasn't gone along with McCain "vision".

David Schantz said...

Whats wrong with him, we should never reduce taxes and put money in the hands of the poor.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Karlo said...

So we'll increase demand of a limited resource, putting pressure on an already limited market, driving up the high price of gas and encourage people to continue with unsustainable patterns of consumption. I'm sure that'll really help the poor. Meanwhile we'll write some more IOUs for our children and grandchildren to pay. It sounds like something write out of Bush's playbook.

Mick said...

It sounds like something write [sic] out of Bush's playbook.

It ought to. Everything in McCain's campaign comes out of the Bush playbook. He's running as Bush. But it's, you know, too late? Bush has been unmasked and everybody hates him (except Barb).

Bye, John.

Karlo said...

(Yikes! One of these years, I'm going to hafta take a course on spelling.) As for McClone, it's still hard for me to imagine that anyone anywere wants another Bush but I suppose there are still some sheeple out there who will faithfully march down (with a stiff two step) to the voting booths and put an X wherever the wise men on Fox tell them to.