12 April 2008

It could happen here.

Paperwight's fair shot brings up an interesting catch 22, one that I'm sure the current administration, between torture advisory sessions, has thought about in great detail:

The post begins with the story of someone who was to be deported because he couldn't prove his U.S. citizenship. (In fact, he was born in the U.S.)

A worse problem is that under the Military Commissions Act of 2006 we now have another, even more pernicious two-tier system. If you're accused of "materially supporting" "hostilities" against the US or someone on the US's side and believed not to be a citizen, you have no right to challenge your indefinite detention (including on the grounds that you're actually a citizen), and you'll wind up in a kangaroo court like those down in Gitmo, which will have the power to do a hell of a lot more than deport you.

Actually, it is happening here. We just aren't allowed to hear about it.