23 April 2008

Brain Test

Does this really work? It worked when I took it.


wunelle said...

I've been accused of being only half a man (though which half is never disclosed to me), and this test proves it: I got all six.

Of course, the validity of the whole exercise was duly thrown into question when I read [sic] "This could probably won't work on everyone..."

Karlo said...

I'm highly suspicious of it. The effect they're looking at should apply to both males and females. I would imagine that most people would get three. I'm personally one of those people who can never see spelling errors in my own writing even after multiple passes.

Martin Langeland said...

It also reminds me of the ancient bar trick: counting the 'e's in the text on the back of a Camel cigarette pack. Few ever get that right. But does that demonstrate anything?
Not likely.
Personally I only saw two the first time through cause I only looked at the start of words, apparently. That makes me a front-loader, I guess.

Karlo said...

I think some evil woman designed this experiment in order to argue that women are twice as smart as men. ):

Pisces Iscariot said...

I appear to have a female brain!

Karlo said...

Either that or you're a male with a 200 IQ!