28 July 2007


In an era of tremendous gains by the extremely wealthy alongside pretty much flat gains by poorer workers, Edwards call for a repeal of Shrub's tax-relief for the wealthy makes perfect sense. It's interesting to see even so-called left-leaning papers like the L.A. Times describe Edwards' platform as risky and radical. Edwards, we are told, would face anger by the maligned constituency. Who are we talking about? People who make more than 3 or 4 million a year and own islands in the Bahamas? There must be more of these people than I imagined. Or at least more of them that own newspapers.


Evil Spock said...

How do I join the Bahamas owning club?

Oh, and the problem is all those people vote. If we could get the poor to the polls, we might see some drastic changes.

BadTux said...

The poor get to the polls, but for some reason all they have to vote for once they get there is Rich White Dude A and Rich White Dude B. Hmm, what's with that?

Reminds me of the old Soviet Union, where people had the right to vote too, but for some reason all that was ever on the ballot was Commie A or Commie B. Hmm...

-- Badtux the Soviet Penguin