6 May 2007

On minimizing discrepancies

Lt. Col. Paul Yingling has published, in Armed Forces Journal of all places, an article extremely criticial of the U.S. military leadership. His mention of leaders keeping the American public completely in the dark certainly forms part of the leitmotiv of the entire Shrubian era.

[Excerpt] After going into Iraq with too few troops and no coherent plan for postwar stabilization, America's general officer corps did not accurately portray the intensity of the insurgency to the American public. The Iraq Study Group concluded that "there is significant underreporting of the violence in Iraq." The ISG noted that "on one day in July 2006 there were 93 attacks or significant acts of violence reported. Yet a careful review of the reports for that single day brought to light 1,100 acts of violence. Good policy is difficult to make when information is systematically collected in a way that minimizes its discrepancy with policy goals." Population security is the most important measure of effectiveness in counterinsurgency. For more than three years, America's generals continued to insist that the U.S. was making progress in Iraq. However, for Iraqi civilians, each year from 2003 onward was more deadly than the one preceding it. For reasons that are not yet clear, America's general officer corps underestimated the strength of the enemy, overestimated the capabilities of Iraq's government and security forces and failed to provide Congress with an accurate assessment of security conditions in Iraq. Moreover, America's generals have not explained clearly the larger strategic risks of committing so large a portion of the nation's deployable land power to a single theater of operations.

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Evil Spock said...

If they actually reported on whats going on over there, those recruitment commercials that they play during the NBA playoffs would be such a waste!

How can you entice a generation of young men and women with Marines turned into chess pieces fighting wizards and ogres when in actuality they're getting attacked left and right by suicide bombers!

Geez man, be practical!