1 May 2007

Karlo on the 2008 vote

I thought I'd save some time this next election. Instead of carefully considering the candidates stands on issues, I took the quiz at Select Smart. The super-scientific preference-figure-outer-algorithms accurately determined my fondness for Kucinich. From there, the predictions rapidly went downhill. Hillary definitely shouldn't be in my top 5 whereas Al Gore and Edwards should. I don't know who these Brownback and Thompson characters are, but they must be time-travelers from the Spanish Inquisition if they failed to score better than Gingrinch and McCain. And why isn't kat swift on the list?????????????

1. Ideal Candidate (100%) ==> (What a frikin' stupid category!)
2. Dennis Kucinich (81%)
3. Barack Obama (79%)
4. Hillary Clinton (77%)
5. Joseph Biden (76%)
6. Al Gore (75%)
7. Wesley Clark (75%)
8. John Edwards (71%)
9. Christopher Dodd (68%)
10. Bill Richardson (66%)
11. Ron Paul (54%)
12. Elaine Brown (50%)
13. Mike Gravel (47%)
14. Kent McManigal (44%)
15. Tommy Thompson (30%)
16. Mike Huckabee (29%)
17. Rudolph Giuliani (25%)
18. Tom Tancredo (24%)
19. Mitt Romney (21%)
20. Duncan Hunter (20%)
21. Newt Gingrich (20%)
22. Chuck Hagel (19%)
23. John McCain (18%)
24. Jim Gilmore (16%)
25. Sam Brownback (11%)
26. Fred Thompson (10%)


Glen said...

Hillary Clinton ranked pretty high there Karlo. Heh. Couldn't resist that one.

Karlo said...

Yes. Much to my chagrin. I've got this theory that she's actually an android who has been programmed to be as luke warm as possible on every political position there is. I still can't figure why the Republican Party hasn't nominated her: She's basically running as a Bush clone.

Chuck said...

Now that's interesting even though it obviously won't reflect what you really think- what you think you really think. HA!

I'll have to go try it out.

ddjango said...

For that matter, where's Cynthia McKinney???

Karlo said...

Personally, I'd like to see the Green Party start running someone besides Nader. I like Nader but you can't create a party out of single person.