23 May 2007

Bush's secret plan

At last, a Bush plan that just might work...

By Andy Borowitz Special to Newsweek

In a bold move to undermine the international terror network, President George W. Bush today named former deputy defense secretary and World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz to be the new president of Al Qaeda. Wolfowitz, who has no experience running an international terror organization, struck many Washington insiders as an unlikely choice for the Al Qaeda job.

But in a White House ceremony introducing his nominee for the top terror post, President Bush indicated that Wolfowitz’s role in planning the war in Iraq and bringing scandal to the World Bank showed that he was “just the man” to bring chaos and disorder to Al Qaeda. “I’ve seen Paul Wolfowitz in action,” said Bush, a beaming Wolfowitz at his side. “If anyone can mess up Al Qaeda, it’s this guy.”

Several key details in the president’s plan still need to be worked out, such as how exactly Wolfowitz will infiltrate Al Qaeda and rise to the top position in its ranks.

“Al Qaeda closely screens all of its top officers,” said Hassan El-Medfaii, head of the terror network’s human resources department. “It’s not like the Defense Department or the World Bank.”

Even if he ascends to its top post, it remains to be seen whether Wolfowitz will be happy at Al Qaeda, according to Professor Davis Logsdon, chairman of the Wolfowitz Studies Department at the University of Minnesota.

“Al Qaeda is not like the World Bank,” Professor Logsdon said. “For one thing, it’s much harder to meet girls there.”


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Red Hog Diary said...

LMAO! That was a hoot. And maybe we could send Gonzo to be legal council for the Mahdi Militia... And Rumsfeld to lead "the Islamic State, and Tom Ridge to head Iraq security and Ann Veneman...
There are a lot of Bush appointees out looking for work these days and there is a lot of work to be done in Iraq! I think you have come up with a brilliant idea for us to help these unfortunate souls.