9 May 2007


Shrub's approval rate (28%) is down to where Nixon's was at the height of Watergate. I really don't understand this. The only possible reason that this idiot has not yet been impeached that I can think of is that there's a vast conspiracy by the Democratic Party.


Glen said...

Ironically, on the cover of the Newsweek issue that featured that poll was a picture of Harry Truman, with the words, "Wanted, A New Truman".

Guess who had the lowest opinion poll rating ever?

Karlo said...

It's not Bush???

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Karlo. Thanks for the link.
Speaking of polls, I remember that when Bush first began dipping down into the 30s, Rush Limbaugh started ranting against CBS (which was the first major poll to show Bush's approval so low). Limbaugh slammed CBS as part of what he called "the drive-by media" and claimed that their polling methodology was flawed.
Then, Gallup, USA Today and the other big polls showed basically the same results. Finally, Fox "News" itself had Bush down in the 30s.
Week after week passed, and Bush continued to have poll ratings in the toilet. For a long time, Rush claimed that it was a "liberal conspiracy" by the poll companies.
But finally, (apparently realizing how stupid this argument was) Rush quietly tip-toed away from his daily blasting of the polling companies.
He doesn't mention this topic any more (but he does still refer to the "drive-by media").

Marc McDonald

Glen said...

Nope. Harry Truman.