22 March 2007

Where your tax dollars go.

Since this is the height of the tax season, I figured it would be nice to see how the government is allocating our tax dollars. Below is the recent pie-chart for discretionary spending.

As you can see, the Pentagon has a very nice slice of the pie at this point. Of course, we wouldn't want to be outrun by those massive military budgets of China, Russia, and North Korea! So let's see how we compare:

I had to make graph show up large in my post. If it were any smaller, the tiny green budgets of all of our major competitors wouldn't be visible. What can one say? This isn't a case where one has to enter into finely detailed analysis to explain the potential significance of a blip in statistical significance on a graph. The U.S. military is a bloated elephant sitting next to a couple fleas. One really has to wonder how astronomical the budget needs to get before Joe 6-pack in the conservative camp will finally conclude the budget is big enough. Historically, the U.S. is following in the footsteps of an interesting group of states: Nazi Germany, WWII Japan, the Soviet Union, and North Korea (who devotes every possible hour of man, child, or donkey labor to the fortification of its ever-withering nation). That's the federal budget, but most state budgets aren't much better. If you'd now like to see how your state tax dollars might be better spent, click here.

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BadTux said...

In Russia, the people beggar the military, to the point where half their soldiers are starving to death. In Soviet America, the military beggars *you*.

Ahhh, progress!

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin