17 March 2007

Four Years

We're approaching the fourth anniversary of what was once called "Shrub's War" but is now called (even by those in the Pentagon) "the Iraqi civil war". The decider-in-chief continues to call on Congress and the American people to not get too involved. In short, just keep sending in those blank checks: the decider-in-chief will figure out where the money needs to go.

The "plan for victory" hasn't changed much, but the rhetoric has. We're no longer told that victory is "just around the corner", but there is still this talk about "victory". What victory would mean in Iraq's case one can only imagine. Are we hoping that the Sunnis will wipe out all of the Shiites in the center of the country and set up another totalitarian state vicious enough to control all of Iraq? (Hopefully, they still have Saddam on ice, if this is the plan). Or does the long-awaited victory mean that Shiite militias finally drive the Sunnis into the desert and set-up a pro-Iranian psuedo-religious state? Neither option looks much like "victory" to me. The more likely option, I suppose, is that Iraq becomes a balkanized, failed state with each individual apartment block guarded by some warring militia. In either case, the expiry date on Bush's Pax Amerikana is up. It's time for Bush to declare "mission accomplished" and bring the troops home.

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DAV said...

4 frickin years..................