17 February 2007

Italian indictments

Italy has indicted 33 people, including two dozen CIA operatives and a top Italian spy.

"Judge Caterina Interlandi ordered the 26 Americans and seven Italians to stand trial in connection with the February 2003 abduction of a radical Egyptian cleric who was snatched in broad daylight on a Milan street and whisked away to an Egyptian jail, where he says he was tortured. "This is an important moment," lead prosecutor Armando Spataro said.

I would heartily agree that this is an important move. It demonstrates an attempt by civilian authority (which is at least partially responsive to public oversight and pressures) to reign in secretive psuedo-governmental groups (miniature CIA cabals, contractors with elite connections, and so on) that have been acting like a fourth branch of government under Bush. The U.S. would benefit greatly from a similar trial on U.S. soil. Of course, Bush would be suspect #1 in this case. Even though the Italian indictment doesn't lead to extradiction, if it stands, it will at least cause some apprehension among CIA ops who hope to travel to Italy or through Italy at some point in their lives. They could, I suppose, be picked up and imprisoned by some stubborn Italian judge.

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Evil Spock said...

God, I hope our government does learn a lesson from this.