23 August 2006

The Taylor Decision

As we reflect on the recent decision by Judge Taylor on illegal government spying on U.S. citizens, I'd like to remind everyone of some of the facts and circumstances:

(1) Shrub has repeatedly misled the country about NSA spying, which was not carefully targeted. News reports describe thousands of leads given to the FBI right after Sept 11, interfering with normal FBI operations.
(2) It was not done with court orders, as Bush has insisted in talks around the country.
(3) It was not limited to overseas calls, as Bush and Hayden assured us.
(4) This covert spying began before Sept 11, blowing the whole justification out of the water. (5) Gonzales misled the Senate, calling spying "hypothetical" as Feingold made clear.
(6) The domestic spying is part of a broad pattern of lying. It must be called what it is: corruption and a bold challenge to Constitution rights.

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