4 August 2006

News from the front

Those who should know best, say that Iraq has already slid into civil war:

While American politicians and generals in Washington debate the possibility of civil war in Iraq, U.S. officers and enlisted men who patrol Baghdad daily say it has already begun.
Army troops in and around Baghdad interviewed in the last week cite a long list of evidence that the center of the nation is coming undone: Villages have been abandoned by Sunni and Shiite Muslims; Sunni insurgents have killed thousands of Shiites in car bombings and assassinations; Shiite militia death squads have tortured and killed hundreds, if not thousands, of Sunnis; and when night falls, neighborhoods become open battlegrounds.
"There's one street that's the dividing line. They shoot mortars across the line and abduct people back and forth," said 1st Lt. Brian Johnson, a 4th Infantry Division platoon leader from Houston, describing the nightly battleground that pits Sunni gunmen from the Ghazaliyah neighborhood against Shiite gunmen from the Shula district .
. . It's to the point of being irreconcilable; you know, we've found a lot of bodies, entire villages have been cleared out, we get reports of entire markets being gunned down - and if that's not a marker of a civil war, I don't know what is," said Ramon, 33, of San Antonio, Texas . . .


ebaygal said...

Of course there's a civil war. Did we expect polarized thought to unite itself just because we showed up?


Sanshinseon said...

Sure, it's been a civil war for over a year now... our "leaders" just can't admit it, for politics.

Karlo said...

Are you sure? They aren't fighting with cannons and wearing red and blue uniforms. Are you sure it's okay to call it civil war?

BadTux said...

Why do these soldiers hate our men in uniform? By worrying our beautiful minds with these unsettling thoughts, they prove they hate America!

-- Badtux the Neo-conservative Penguin

Karlo said...

Perhaps they need to be sent on vacation to . . . Cuba.