24 August 2006

My dogs rant

People often complain of social intolerance of their dogs but as a person who has stepped in my share of dog crap, I have little tolerance for this attitude. Now I realize that you are undoubtedly the exception and that you always pick up your dog's crap, but many people don't. In places with dog crap everywhere (Paris comes to mind), there should be a tax on dog ownership to pay for a large team of poop-scoopers. I personally don't understand people's penchant for keeping pets--especially if you don't live out in the countryside where they can stretch their legs and live a somewhat natural existence.


furtherleft said...
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Alberta Report said...

As a dog owner myself, I totally agree that irresponsible owners spoil it for the rest of us. Those few (and it really is few, because pet ownership is expensive these days) that choose to be irresponsible are not only chastized by people like you, but by their fellow dog owners - At least in Canada. Your experiences in France I can't speak to, however I'm very familiar with French and Quebecois hygiene and it certainly leaves something to be desired.

With regard to your comment about not understanding keeping dogs in metropolitan areas, and this isn't the first time I have heard this statement, and it clearly stems from ignorance about what a dog is and does as an animal. They are highly social, pack animals that typically don't run around 24/7. As predators they normally sleep and hang out most of the day, they can and do fit very well into urban lifestyles and their "pack" is your family - they literally are family members. Individuals without a dog fail to understand that having a dog is essentially similar to having a small child (and yes I'm a parent so i can make this comparison accurately). We choose to make a relationship (for life) with an animal like we choose to have children. It shouldn't be taken lightly and most certainly comes with the responsibilties. By the same token, responsible dog owners are restricted from many areas because of the few who can't seem to get this idea straight.

I would equally complain however about irresponsible parents of children who destroy property and disturb neighbors, or jerks who ride their bikes on sidewalks, or homeless bums asking for change. There's lots of modern annoyances that are the fault of stupid humans. That said, sanctimonious rants casting wide stereotypical views do nothing to help everyone coexist equitably.

furtherleft said...

As it relates to that expressed here, you might take a look at a short piece of graphic and literary poetry that appeared on the Further Left Form last October as the second post after its inception. It kinda ties together shit and what we are all about.

Karlo said...

In response to Alberta Report, I'm happy to hear that there are some responsible pet owners out there. While I generally fall in with the anarchist/libertarian sort of view that we should all live and let live, I do think that there's a certain threshold at which the public should be protected from the practices of certain groups. I'm sure that everyone who doesn't had a dog has had dogs put in their yards--for many, this is pretty much a daily occurrence. And then there's the sanitation problem--particular at beaches where the poop washes across the shoreline. And how many times have I been walking down a trail only to have a dog race up to me as if to devour me: the owner always nonchalantly assures me, "Don't worry, it's friendly." Why are owners so relaxed about a dog snapping at my feet? Anyway, good luck with your pets. But please don't expect too much tolerance from the rest of us. I'm sort of at the end of my leash when it comes to this sort of thing, ya know, doggone tired of it.

N. Mallory said...

I find that my little Pug is well-received most places we go; though I do admit I wish there were more places we could go toghether.

I take a lot of pride in my dog, his hygiene and his training. He's not even 6 months old but he's already in obedience classes. We never go anywhere without little poop scoop baggies in my purse. He is very much my child and I am defintely one of those "mothers" who's always fussing over him.

That said I am always disappointed in other pet owners who can't or won't take the few extra seconds it takes to clean up after their dogs in the public areas we share. I live in an apartment complex and we have rules as well as a law concerning dog waste and yet there are always people who seem to think these rules and laws don't apply to them or their dogs. It's a shame that they have to spoil it for the rest of us and make those of us who do what we're supposed to do look bad.

I also agree with the commenter who said he could equally complain about parents of irresponsible children. We could also talk about adults who litter. People who change their babies in public restrooms but can't be bothered to put the diaper in the trash are good ones too. I'm also not fond of folks who dump their trash in front of the dumpster as if tossing it up and over is just a little too much trouble.

We all have our pet peeves.

传世私服 said...
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