23 August 2006

Iraq improving? Tell that to the stop-lossed soldiers.

The Christian Science Monitor reports growing strains on US troop levels as evinced by the Marine Corps announcement this week that it will involuntarily activate 2,500 reservists. The call-up comes as the Army moves to accept more soldiers from the "lowest acceptable" category. Of course, all of this flies in the face of those rosy assessments that we would soon be handing the reins to the Iraqis. Troop strength has now risen back to 138,000. The Army is still issuing "stop loss" orders for several thousand troops, extending their tours in Iraq. Personally, I think all this talk of the US getting out of Iraq is pure propaganda. Countries don't build giant permanent bases all over a country if they're planning on leaving in 6 months. I can just about guarantee that the US will be in Iraq forever or until they are kicked out.

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Pisces Iscariot said...

...or until the American people make some changes to their government and international policies.
...or until the American people are taxed dry to pay for the murder of Iraqis/Lebanese/Puerto Ricans/Colombians/Americans etc etc.