30 August 2006

From one "Nazi sympathizer" to another

I heard an interesting stat on NPR yesterday. Someone claimed that if the amount of money given to contractors and others to help those affected by Katrina had simply been handed directly to the victims, it would have amounted to 200 grand for every man, woman, and child. Even if we take 20% of this for the infrastructure improvements and toxic clean-up (which is probably more than was actually spent on these efforts), we'd still have enough money for everyone in the city to move inland 20 miles and buy and pay off a house (actually, probably two or three houses)--something I'll probably never accomplish before I die. Amazing! So where did all the money go? Or are we allowed to ask this question?

NPR was also talking about an American citizen who was basically banned from returning to the U.S. (i.e., was placed on the no-fly list while visiting Pakistan). The person had not committed a crime but was banned after refusing to be interviewed by the FBI while hooked up to a polygraph. And in today's news, we have Rummsfeld telling us that those who oppose Shrub are no different than Nazi sympathizers. (Are we allowed to laugh at this point? Has someone checked the Department of Homeland Security's memo on unpatriotic levity? I wouldn't want to run afoul of Executive fiat.)


furtherleft said...

This basis for the perception of an old man of his nation and its people will not oft be heard for there are few yet alive to declare it. We who grew to adulthood in the US during the 1930's and 40's were taught well by government, schools, media, and surrounding society to hate the racist superiority inherent to the beliefs and actions of those German people who championed Hitler's barbarism. We learned to cheer resistance fighters and militaries aligned against their colossus. Examine those roots and defining lessons when divining what brings us to stand in opposition to the US people allowing, promoting, and cheering barbarity of the Nazism they foster today.

Karlo said...

That racism seems to pop up very easily. Many of Hitlers ideas came from books published in the U.S. and Britain. The same racist ideas can be found throughout the world today. But Rummy's appeal to anti-Nazi fervor in regards to Bush's war against terrorism is complete BS--as crass as propaganda can get.