23 August 2006


As if there weren't enough reasons for disillusionment with Lieberman, we are now seeing the entrenched Republican establishment abandon their own candidate to fight for Lieberman's cause. Lieberman's going to end up as poster child for the notion that the Democratic and Republican parties have failed to give Americans a choice. And his downfall--even if temporary--is a sign of grassroots disappointment with the sad state of our two-party duopoly.


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Good assesment.

glendean said...

Good post Karlo.

I think the whole Lieberman-Lamont thing just shows how much the war has swallowed every other issue. I realize that to you guys, Lieberman is not very liberal. But to me, he is. I just don't see how Republicans can back him. I read blogs and I see conservatives saying they support Lieberman and I see liberals lining up behind racist paleo-cons. And its all because of the war. Weird.