25 July 2006

You Can't Remain Neutral

I just watched the Howard Zinn documentary You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train. I was very inspired by what Zinn had to say but even more so by the man's integrity. Zinn is someone from a working class background who has done real work, fought in a real war (WWII), and has stood up to power and repression when there were real consequences on the line. He immediately lost his first job teaching at a black college in the pre-civil rights South for encouraging students to actively take history in their own hands. Especially poignant was the picture of him, during the Vietnam War era, giving an antiwar speech in front of his college's board of directors on the very day they were determining whether or not he should get tenure. This documentary, along with A Peoples History of the United States, should required content for every High School civics class.


FurGaia said...

The thing is there is no such thing as being neutral.

It's always damned if you, damned if you don't. We get to choose our misery so to speak.

I like Zinn too!

Sanshinseon said...

Thanks for the reference, Karlo -- he does seem like a righteous dude. We could certainly use more public figures with that kind of conscience and dedication... But they are thin-on-the-ground these days. Too much money is being offered for shilling for corporate interests...