6 June 2006

June, the cruelest month

These have been sad days in the blogosphere. Mick Arran seems to have disappeared from our alternative reality, as has my old nemesis Glen Dean. Katharine at Cut to the Chase is sadly cutting back on her posts due to internet access problems. Michael, at At Ease, didn't even make it into 2006. Even DC Media Girl's gone inexplicably quiet.

As we wait for these people to figure out that the real world isn't really where it's at and return to us in cyberspace, there's still much of value to check out. On P!, there's a thoughtful series on The Real War and the Great Diversion. Diana at Democracy for California has her blogging mojo back. After drinking a couple of cups of strong coffee, Jodi at I Cite is always a good read. In Search of Utopia sets us straight on a number of sundry issues. And then there's Cul, over at Ratboy's Anvil, who always seems to find the best stories--aliens raining down in India! Where does he find this stuff?

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