16 June 2006

Hawkings, 2

Creek Running North has said everything I wanted to say about the Hawking statement--and has said it much better. One excerpt:

Hawking’s future of humanity resembles nothing so much as those aliens from Independence Day, the ones that travel from planet to planet laying waste the resources and moving on, pausing only to strangle Brent Spiner. OK, so every disaster has an upside. My point is that our planet deserves better than to be a mere discarded larval skin for a species that goes on to eat the galaxy, implacable and soulless and vulnerable to computer viruses written in haste by a drunkard, on a Macintosh.

Though I agree with the sentiment, I actually think Chris is being a teensy bit harsh here. Hawkings wasn't asking us to neglect the Earth. Even so, I do find the idea that it would be easier for us to travel to another star, find a habitable world, and make it habitable for humans, than it would simply to develop a sustainable pattern of life right here a bit farfetched. When we consider the time and investment involved, a sustainable future on Earth is probably the necessary basis for such a journey.


Pisces Iscariot said...

I tend to agree with the view that to advocate the (lets face it) desperate course of finding a new planet to fuck up is to say "lets hit the next pub, this one's dead"
Steven Hawkings may be a scientific genius but he's out of his tree on this one.

Karlo said...

Perhaps after people realize how hard it is to develop an ecosystem that works so well for us as ours does, they'll take better care of the next planet. On the other hand, Exxon would probably get the rights to fossil fuels in perpetuity. We could have one helluva party for a few years though.

Rook said...

Your assumption being that Hawkings is suggesting the entire human race leave earth, it being uninhabitable, and relocating to said planet. Remember the virus part? All you need are a few of them to infect another host.

So, he's only suggesting that for the human race to be able to survive, we need to send spores out into space so the human race can propagate.

Anonymous said...

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