4 April 2006


Good internet encryption is now available to all of us with the offering of Zfone. Big Brother(s) ain't gonna like this and will do his best to outlaw it. All I can say is:

When encrypted voice protocols are outlawed,
only outlaws will have encrypted voice protocols.

I confess--the logo needs some work if it's going to be bumper-stickerified so as to appeal to "the man in the street" but it does have a certain ring to it, eh?

Thanks goes to co-conspirator Katherine at Cut to the Chase for bringing this to light.


CyberKitten said...

Indeed. I heard about this from an article in Wired Magazine. Brought to us by the same person who brought us PGP - Bless the man.....

Left of Center said...

Encryption rules. people need to get up to speed on the need for encryption and it's many uses.