26 April 2006

Kenneth Lay: Some problems with priorities?

If we are really to become an Christian nation founded on Creationist principles and thought, we need to pass a law allowing us to immediately execute people like Kenneth Lay for one simple reason: The man clearly has no soul.

In recent testimony, Lay told us--referring to the Enron collapse, "I'm sure there's absolutely nothing in my life, including the loss of life of many of my loved ones, that even comes close to the same level of pain, and the same enduring pain, that has caused." Did I understand this right? This man would rather see those closest to him all die rather than witness the financial collapse of his corrupt corporation?

When I hear comments like this, I can see why the Enron folks were so comfortable rubbing shoulders with Shrub and his fellow neoCons. Lay and his ilk all seem to be missing a key chromosome responsible for the development of a soul and a conscience. And to think that such people are pushing the buttons that control the American plutocracy.


Sine.Qua.Non said...

You are so very on target. Maybe he learned bankruptcy tips from Bushco.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Corruption so deep does not come easily - these guys have been wittling away at themselves for years.