7 April 2006

Duck season! Rabbit season!

Remember the ol' Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck clip with Bugs and Daffy standing in front of Elmer with a gun. Bugs and Daffy kept shouting back and forth "duck season" "no, rabbit season" and so on until Bugs suddenly switched to "rabbit season" prompting Daffy to goof up and say "duck season." I think some of those on the political right have mastered the Disnyesque rhetoric in an attempt to get us on the left to defend unfettered free-market capitalism. I recently came across the following post on Glen Dean's site:

I have said it before and I will say it again. I shiver to think that this man was only a few hundred votes away from being the President of the United States. The article ends with this sentence, More mechanisms to incorporate environmental and social externalities will be needed to enable capital markets to achieve their intended purpose--to consistently allocate capital to its highest and best use for the good of the people and the plan. Sounds to me like a command economy. And you wonder why we call you commie.

Perhaps I need help reading through the lines on this one. Gore said that markets allocated capital the best way--how does this remind anyone of Lenin? Down farther in the comments, someone took offense at my remarks on Halliburton, defending Bush's use of no bid contracts. Evidently, the government (vs. the evil market) really knows best when it comes to such things. We would hate to open up these things to the competition of the market!

My theory is that the current neo-cons are only pretending. They'll get everyone on the left defending Gore's pro-market stance and open-markets on all government contracting and then suddenly switch parties.

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