24 April 2006

Beam me up, Shrubby!

In his most recent attempt to slow his crashing poll numbers, Shrub has been lauding the potential of hydrogen. Once again, we're left with the feeling that the president--via some mysterious connection with higher unseen powers--knows something that our scientists have missed. Don't get me wrong--I love the idea of hydrogen. In fact, if you looked hard enough, you could probably find some ancient post on this site where I suggest we put more money into researching this cleanest of fuels. But sadly, the science has failed to live up to the hype.

The April 2006 issue of Scientific American--to cite just one example--has an article with the frank assessment (p. 79) that "the overall hydrogen fueling process is inherently costly and inefficient. Any effective hydrogen economy would require an infrastructure that could use zero-carbon power to electrolyze water into hydrogen, convey this highly diffuse gas long distances, and pump it at high pressure into the car--all for the purpose of converting the hydrogen back to electricity in a feul cell to drive an electric motor. The entire process . . . would leave only about 20 to 25 percent of the original zero-carbon electricity to drive the motor."

This compares with 75 to 80 percent of the original electricity that's used in hybrid technologies. If Shrub were sincere, we could at least praise him for his far-reaching "vision" and "leadership." Unfortunately, this sudden interest in hydrogen power is all little more than a cynical ruse. The fact is that enormous investment would be required to develop useful hydrogen power as a power source (if this is even possible in the near future) and this doesn't even begin to address the issue of the enormous infrastructure that would have to be erected to accomodate such a new technology. And we're supposed to believe that massive-tax-cuts-for-the-rich Shrub with his never-saw-a-pork-project-he-didn't-like policy is somehow going to pay for this?! As he drives up the deficit faster than any of his predecessors! What a joke!

All the president's hot air in favor of . . . uh, hot air, is little more than a con-job, a way to wear green for a day while failing to make even the tiniest sacrifice towards a solution. Green technologies are already here. Hybrid automobiles exist and they work. Fuel-efficient cars are sitting in car lots in every city. Meanwhile, the auto makers are suing California for its imposition of higher fuel-efficiency standards. I can assure you that if hydrogen, through some miracle, suddenly becomes possible tomorrow (requiring a trillion dollars of investment in infrastructure, i.e., the cost of Shrub's war), our great leader will suddenly proclaim that support for hydrogen infrastructure is somehow unfair to Exxon shareholders and that we should hold out for the upcoming wave of cars that will run off anti-matter instead.

Please, somebody beam me up. You can beam me back down when this idiot has left office.


Pisces Iscariot said...

I'm sorry Karlo, but I don't think he's going to leave office quietly.

Brian said...

It's unreal to have imagined his true insincerity in 2000 when he came off as only a bumbling idiot from Texas. Now he is showing his true colors as an insincere bumbling idiot that will do and say anything to shore up his sinking party as they shuffle around listlessly while our nation's citizens struggle with what is truly a crisis that has no solution. What next, fuel everything with SWITCHGRASS? Oh, he already tried pawning that off on us?

Lily said...

I thought the world would be saved by WOODCHIPS!!!!

Nice to happen across your blog.

Karlo said...

When we get the anti-matter reactors going, I'm sure we'll be mixing the woodchips in with the anti-matter to give our engines that extra little boost. (Woodchips smell better when they burn too.)